Top 2020 NFL Free Agency Moves


The NFL free agency period has begun, and the moves are coming fast and furious. There have been slew of acquisitions via signings and trades. Multiple teams have gone with an ‘all or nothing’ approach in an attempt to contend immediately. Here are some of the top moves around the league:

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5. Melvin Gordon To Denver

The Deal: Two-Year, $16 Million

The writing was on the wall all last season, that Melvin Gordon’s time with the Los Angeles Chargers was coming to an end. The star running back held out in the early stages of last season, while the team only managed five wins. After re-signing Austin Ekeler to a four-year deal, Gordon chose a familiar opponent in Denver as his destination. The Broncos have a young core on offense and a tough defense. Adding Gordon to the mix should allow for them to hold a consistent one-two punch alongside Phillip Lindsay.

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4. Amari Cooper Re-signs With Dallas

The Deal: Five-Year, $100 Million

The Cowboys had a lot of decisions to make coming in to this offseason, as they had a number of star players all waiting for a big payday. As a result, ‘America’s Team’ let cornerback Byron Jones walk and slapped the franchise tag on quarterback Dak Prescott. That left wideout Amari Cooper as the only big name to re-sign. The Cowboys and Cooper inked a healthy five-year deal that should keep Dallas in contention for the foreseeable future.

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3. DeAndre Hopkins Traded To Arizona

The Trade: Arizona receives DeAndre Hopkins in exchange for Houston receiving David Johnson, 2020 second-round pick, and a 2021 fourth-round pick

In one of the most puzzling moves in recent memory, the Houston Texans dealt away one of the best players in all of football. Hopkins is a stud and will do well in Arizona along side legend Larry Fitzgerald and quarterback Kyler Murray. The Cardinals should battle for a playoff spot, while the Texans will be fighting for a top five pick.

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2. Darius Slay Traded To Philadelphia, Signs Extension

The Trade: Eagles receive Darius Slay in exchange for the Lions receiving a 2020 third and fifth-round pick.

The Deal: Three-Year, $50 Million

The Eagles needed a corner, and they got one. The move provides a positive change of scenery for Slay, who has been essentially wasted in Detroit. Likewise, Philadelphia has finally solidified one of their cornerback spots with a proven commodity. This deal works for all parties involved, except perhaps the Lions.

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1. Tom Brady To Tampa Bay

The Deal: Two-Year, $50 Million

While it was shocking, it was almost a certainty that Tom Brady was leaving New England. His frustration with the team’s lack of weapons was evident. In addition, his coach’s consistent need to downplay his role in the franchise’s success likely played a factor. As for his new home, Brady has weapons all over the place. He also has a quarterback-friendly coach in Bruce Arians that is salivating at the chance to work with him. This move could turn out to be the best in Tampa Bay history. To take it even further, it could result in the Buccaneers becoming the first team in NFL history to host the Super Bowl.

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