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As postseason baseball is on the horizon, some franchises are looking forward to the upcoming free agency period. As some of the biggest names hit the free agent market, front offices are scheduled to work endlessly for some of the MLB’s finest names. Here are some of the top MLB free agents entering the upcoming offseason:

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C Yasmani Grandal (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Spending each of the last four seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Yasmani Grandal is one of the most complete catchers in the game. Although he occassionally lands himself on the disabled list, Grandal is one of very few catchers that has 20+ home runs over the last three seasons.

His $7.3 million cap hit in 2018 is actually a bargain for the Dodgers, as he could value himself up to nearly $9.5 million this winter. With Los Angeles holding multiple free agents after the end of the current season, it will be interesting to see whether Grandal is forced to pack his bags.

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1B Matt Adams (St Louis Cardinals)

Claimed by the Cardinals from the Washington Nationals, Matt Adams finds himself as the most attractive first baseman in terms of free agency. Over the course of the past three seasons, Adams has managed a .270+ BA, as well as an OBP of .300+ over the last four years. Playing under a one-year deal, Adams currently holds a market value of $12.5 million. Although he likely won’t receive his asking price, Adams has the potential to become a silent force to any ball club he joins.

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2B  Brian Dozier (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Spending a vast majority of his career with the Minnesota Twins, second baseman Brian Dozier is another Los Angeles Dodger that is set to hit the free agency market. Although his numbers have steadily declined over the years, Dozier is still a solid defensive player that can provide service to any franchise he’s involved with. The 31-year old may ask for a big price during free agency, with a market value of $16.5 million. The Dodgers can not afford that asking price if their intention is to keep Manny Machado on the roster, so this may be a development over the winter.

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3B Josh Donaldson (Cleveland Indians)

Dealt to the Cleveland Indians, there is worry that Josh Donaldson may very well be on the decline. Viewed as one of the most powerful hitters in the American League, there will be a debate on what the market value of Donaldson will be in the winter. After being paid $23 million in 2017, the value of Donaldon is actually projected to decrease after the current season. It makes sense, as the 32-year old is nearing the twilight stages of his career.

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SS Manny Machado (Los Angeles Dodgers)

After being dealt to the Los Angeles Dodgers from the Baltimore Orioles, Manny Machado will likely be one of the most talked about free agents this winter. With 30+ HR and 85+ RBI in each of the last three seasons, Macadho is arguably the best two-way infielder in the game currently. His current market value projection of $26 million would put him as the 13th-highest player in baseball, above names that include Giancarlo Stanton, Joey Votto, and J.D. Martinez.

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OF Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals)

Without question, Bryce Harper is the most electric player the MLB has to offer. After reeling in a Home Run Derby victory this season, Harper can sell tickets to any fan base that embraces his talents. With 178 home runs over the course of his career, the most important note is that Harper is only 25-years old. With a projected value of over $31 million, there are rumors about certain clubs willing to make Harper the highest-paid player in the game. Currently, the highest salary of 2018 belongs to Clayton Kershaw, who has earned $35.7 million.

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OF AJ Pollock (Arizona Diamondbacks)

While AJ Pollock won’t dazzle fans with his power, he is one of the best contact hitters that the free agency market will offer this winter. Supporting a .286 career batting average, Pollock is also a 2015 Gold Glove winner. His $7.75 million cap hit from this season is a decent bargain for the Arizona Diamondbacks, as there are 30 other outfielders in the MLB with a larger salary count.

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SP Clayton Kershaw (Los Angeles Dodgers)

With an upcoming player option on the table, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw is the top available pitching free agent set to hit the market. While the numbers and stats speak for themselves, Kershaw has a potential $65 million sitting on the table for him in Los Angeles. Based on reports, dialogue is being kept open between Kershaw and the Dodgers, but his projected $34 million market value could persuade him to negotiate an extension for the ages.

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SP Patrick Corbin (Arizona Diamondbacks)

With a winning percentage of 51% with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Patrick Corbin is possibly the most underrated scheduled free agent on the market. He has pitched 150+ innings in each of the last two seasons, and his 183 strikeouts in 2018 are already a career-high for the 29-year old. Corbin won’t be viewed as an ace, but would be a serviceable #2-3 in any starting rotation.

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RP Craig Kimbrel (Boston Red Sox)

Labeled as the 8th-highest paid relief pitcher in the game, Boston Red Sox’s Craig Kimbrel has seen his fair share of up’s and down’s in 2018. Since joining Boston, Kimbrel’s inning count has decreased drastically, while his 7 home runs allowed in 2018 are also a career-high. While he is expected to receive a raise up towards $16.5 million, I don’t see Kimbrel as the same elite closer from 2014.

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RP Andrew Miller (Cleveland Indians)

The 33-year old Andrew Miller is also designated to hit free agency this winter, and while he may not be the most elite relief pitcher in the game, he can toss a strong 1-2 innings when called upon. Miller had a breakout year back in 2016, and his market value of $17.9 may be somewhat accurate. Currently, only Mark Melancon makes more than $17.9 million annually ($20 million for 2018), but this would be ground-breaking. His services since 2006 have been noteworthy, but time will tell if a setup man is worthy a serious payday in today’s game.

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