Top 10 QB’s Coming Into 2016 Season


With the draft passed over, OTA’s winding down, and free agency practically done, there are things to be said of NFL QB’s next year, the top 10 exactly. There could be  many sleepers, snubs, and with TB12 on the suspension, there could be a open spot for the top 3.

10. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan is consistent top 10 every year, it’s a given when you have arguably the best WR in the NFL in Julio Jones year in and year out, but lately his offensive line has collapsed on him, giving him no time to read passes and he’ll throw interceptions. If his line can hold together, he can take this Atlanta team to the playoffs, as proven in the 2012-13 season. Matt Ryan is a strong, consistent top 10 QB, and hopefully his line sticks together.

9. Blake Bortles,  Jacksonville Jaguars

Bortles’ situation in east Florida is too good to not be on this list. With his brand new offense in Chris Ivory, Allen Robinson, Julius Thomas, and Allen Hurns, he is bound to make huge numbers. With the AFC South up for grabs, it could possibly be time for Bortles to make his money’s worth and prove that he is a franchise QB. Bortles could have a record breaking year with the new toys the front office of the Jags had brought in this offseason. Most QBs would kill to be in the situation Bortles is in and he is a lock for top 10 in my opinion. Bortles has the table set up, and it’s time for him to eat.

8. Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings

With Teddy leading this Minnesota team to almost stealing the divison from the mits of Aaron Rodgers and the mighty Green Bay Packers, then almost beating Seattle in the wild card round, I think it is time to call Teddy a top 10 QB. With Adrian Peterson getting older, Teddy is bound to get more touches and more chances to get the ball to his WRs in Diggs, Wallace, Patterson (who desperately needs to prove his worth), and big man TE Kyle Rudolph. There are plenty of opportunities for Bridgewater in Minnesota and it is time to grasp every one he can get.

7. Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals

Ever since arriving to the desert, Palmer has succeeded in every aspect by driving the Cardinals to 2 straight playoff runs and smashing records left and right, making instant connections with Larry Fitzgerald and Micheal Floyd. With another steller season ahead of him, Palmer is a safe pick for this list. One thing that scares me about him is his age, he’s 36 going on 37 and with an ACL injury hanging around. It may be a bust season for him, but last season was too impressive for me to not put Palmer on this list.

6. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck healthy as proven is easily top 10 worthy, if not top 5. Lucks offense has been carried by the workhorse that is himself. T.Y. Hilton and Dante Moncreif provide enough for Andrew Luck to work with and possibly put up another 40+ TD year. If his offensive line can hold up, he could even beat the record former Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning put up in 2013 with 54 TD passes in one season. Luck comes with a vengeance and hungry for a Super Bowl ring, and he could very well bring this Colts team to it.

5. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson last year finally had a strong suit of weapons with up and coming receivers in Jermaine Kearse, Tyler Lockett, and Doug Baldwin along with star big man Jimmy Graham coming to the team. He put up an amazing year last year, showing why he is a Super Bowl champion and that he is a key part of this Seattle team. With Russell’s record breaking year last year, there is no reason he couldn’t repeat that and lead this Seahawks team to a third Super Bowl appearance in 5 years.

4. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben was injured again and again last year and still had an elite year with Antonio Brown and the rest of his weapons. He cannot be stopped and is undoubtedly always a top 5 QB and arguably top 3 when healthy. Roethlisberger has one of the best offenses in the NFL with Leveon Bell, Antonio Brown, and many other receivers ready to show their abilities for this Pittsburgh team. Ben has been waiting paitently for ring #3 to set himself above Eli Manning for good, and 2016 could very well be his year to do it.

3. Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Tom Brady was arguably the best QB of last year’s season, putting up an outstanding season last year even with all the injuries he had to put up with. Having Amendola as the #1 WR for the second half of the regular season and Gronk having aggrvating knee injuries, he still produced and proved why he is a winner to this leauge and why he is arguably the greatest NFL QB to ever step foot on the field. With a pending suspension, it is the only thing keeping Brady out of the #1 spot. It is hard to see the future for the 4-time Super Bowl winning QB and it is hard to predict what we can get out of him. With that said, there is one guarantee, Brady is coming for that ring and redemption to Rodger Goodell.

2. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

NFL MVP and NFC Champion quarterback Cam Newton did it all last year, and according to MVP voters, he was the best QB last year, taking out Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers for that title. Heading into 2016, it seems to just get better for Cam as Kelvin Benjamin is coming back and Greg Olsen is getting better and better. The only question is Cam Newton’s offensive line and the teams confidence when dropping a 15-1 regular season record to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50, 24-10 where nothing could go right for that Panthers team. They look to repeat what they did last season and take the Super Bowl, and they could very well get their first Lombardi trophy.

1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

The Packers in 2015 seemed weaker than usual, just barely beating the Vikings for the NFC North, they were the first team to challenge them in 11 years since Chicago made the Super Bowl and lost to Indianapolis in 2006. Even with that, Aaron Rodgers was no less than elite last year, and with Jordy Nelson coming back and James Starks looking to improve, he’s in a great situation to become the NFL MVP once again, and it will be well deserved if he leads this Packers team to Super Bowl 51. Rodgers deserves this second ring and the time to do it is now.


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