Top 10 NXT Stars Who Should Be Brought to Main Roster

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Among hardcore wrestling fans the feeling is that NXT generally is a better wrestling show then the main shows, Raw and Smackdown. However, which NXT superstars and divas should be called up to the main roster make the shows a bit more entertaining for casual and hardcore fans alike? I decided to make a list of NXT superstars who have been then more then a couple of months, so you won’t see Austin Aries on this list. Let’s get right into it.

10. Vaundervillians

Now, this team is at the bottom of the list, mainly because there are definitely more talented on the roster in my opinion. However, they would be a fresh team to add to the fray. The gimmick may be very hard to be taken seriously, but why not add them to the tag team mix anyways?

9. Apollo Crews

I think Crews is one of the more underrated NXT superstars. The guy has a rare mix of high flying ability and power, and is 28 years old still.

He would make a create mid card superstar, as I doubt the WWE pushes him all the way to the top.

However, they should consider it, as the WWE gets a lot of slack for never having an African American WWE Champion aside from The Rock. He definitely deserves the shot to prove himself to be worthy or not.

8. Eva Marie

The first diva on our list. Eva Marie has already spent some time on the main roster, and is best known for her role in the show, “ Total Divas”. The advantage Eva has, is that she needs no introduction, and could immediately be key is she has indeed improved in the ring.

Especially after the expected Sasha vs Charlotte fued ends, she could provide as a first post Charlotte fued for Sasha as Divas Champion.

7. Hideo Itami

Hideo Itami may have some trouble getting over on the main roster, when you take into account the way the WWE has dropped the ball on talented asian wrestlers, and when you take into account his size.

However, he is very talented in the ring, and if given the chance could be a very solid mid carder.

6. Baron Corbin

The WWE is starting to run out of fresh heels right now. Baron Corbin could be the next breath of fresh hair. He’s pretty great in the ring, and has size, although he’s not extremely muscular. If the WWE does this one right, he could make immediate impact.

5. Bayley

Similar to Eva Marie, providing a fresh diva’s feud. Not only could she provide a fresh feud, she could have a very great feud, taking the great matches she had with Sasha Banks to the big stage.

Summerslam would be a perfect place or the two to go at it, as the match deserves the type of venue.

4. Enzo & Cass

Unlike the past couple of years, the WWE finally has a pretty good tag team division. The New Day is doing a great job leading the way. We have a mix with the Usos, Dudleys, Lucha Dragons and the League of Nations. The only issue is, we’ve seen these teams face each other a million times already.

I think the division needs a fresh team, and Enzo & Cass can provide that for the division. I definitely see the WWE playing New Day vs League of Nations and Usos vs Dudleys to death, once these fued are over, it should be time for Enzo & Cass.

The only worry is that they get lose in the shuffle, but they should be fine.

3. Samoa Joe

The main reason I did not say NXT rookies is mainly because of Samoa Joe. He is far from a rookie, being 36 years old, and wrestling in different organizations since 1999.

The organization that comes to mind for most people, is TNA,where he and AJ Styles were the corner stones of the company. Not only is Samoa Joe an absolute beast of a wrestler, he also is a recruitment tool for the WWE believe it or not. CM Punk may never come back to the WWE, but if he did decide to want to wrestle again, I’d bet he’d like to wrestle one of his favorite opponents, in Samoa Joe.

2. Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn is a pretty obvious choice. He’s already over with wrestling fans. He may need a bit more of an introduction to casual wrestling fans. He’s extremely talented in the ring.

He may never be a WWE Champion, however he could be a staple in the mid card, and in the tag team spot if paired with the right partner. He would be a natural face for the WWE roster.

1. Finn Balor

There are so many reasons why Finn Balor get’s this number 1 spot. Not only because of his ring ability, and his character. Not only is it the potential he has with the company.

He could branch on his own in which the sky would be the limit. However, there’s also this guy named AJ Styles on the main roster. The WWE also signed Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.. Those guys were known for a group known as “Bullet Club”.. That could be a clue for his immediate impact on the main roster.

Do you agree with the list? Is there someone I missed? Or is there someone who shouldn’t be on the list?



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