Top 10 Free Agents and Who They Play for in 2016

An Honorable Mention:
Rajon Rondo- Los Angeles Lakers
I think this is the only place for Rondo to get anywhere near the amount of money he thinks he deserves; don’t be surprised to see Rondo in purple and gold next year.

10. Goran Dragic- Miami Heat
                                                          Dragic, who was traded at the deadline this year, will stay out in Miami. That’s where he wanted to be in February and its where he wants to be now.
9. Brook Lopez- New York Knicks

The Knicks have the cap space, and after losing out on a top 2 pick to potentially select a future franchise changing center prospect, the Knicks will have to settle for this all star center.

8. DeAndre Jordan- Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers are not letting Jordan go this summer, simple as that. He is one of the key players for their present and future, being a 1st team All-Defensive center and 3rd team All-NBA this year.

7. Draymond Green- Golden State Warriors

Let’s be real, a team that makes the NBA finals doesn’t get rid of there third or maybe even second best player who was also runner-up for defensive player of the year. Green is in Golden State next year.

6. Dwyane Wade- Miami Heat

Last year it may have seemed impossible that anyone would leave the Miami Heat(LeBron), however, it is still not possible for D-Wade to be leaving. Wade is on the Heat for life.

5. Wesley Matthews- Boston Celtics

Teams that strike out on top tier free agents look no further. Despite his season ending injury last summer, there will always be a team that is willing to over pay a guy in this second tier of not quite elite, but very good players. Boston fits the bill.

4. Paul Millsap- Atlanta Hawks

Similar to Draymond Green and DeAndre Jordan, Millsap is way too important to a really good team that made the conference finals this year. He will stay put.

3. Kevin Love- Los Angeles Lakers

Despite recent reports that Love will remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers, I still think that’s ridiculous. Love was poorly used and not appreciated in Cleveland and needs a fresh start. Although players don’t generally sign big contracts when they are injured, Love could be in exception because he is that good of a talent. Look out for the terrifying (maybe for Lakers fans more than other teams) big three of Love, Rondo and of course, Kobe Bryant.

2. Marc Gasol- Memphis Grizzlies

Gasol will stay put this summer. The Grizzlies are his home and they are still competitive, there is a 0% chance he goes anywhere else, this is a done deal.

1. LaMarcus Aldridge- San Antonio Spurs

Why wouldn’t Aldridge go to San Antonio, he could be the successor to the great Tim Duncan, play for Gregg Poppovich, play along side Kawhi Leonard and help this team chase there 6th ring? This just makes sense.

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