Too Early to Call Steph Curry a Top PG? 

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Recently, ESPN came out and ranked their top point guards in NBA history. Obviously at number one was Magic Johnson, but the more shocking notice was Stephen Curry at number four.

Curry found himself placed above names such as Isaiah Thomas, Allen Iverson (who didn’t crack top 10 somehow), and others. While Curry is being described as one of the top point guards in today’s game, is he one of the best of all time? Let’s go into this:

Not many options: The field for point guards has declined over the years, as more and more teams are looking to shooting guards and power forwards to be the centerpiece of the team. Guys like Curry come once every so often, so why not jump the gun? Curry is one of the better shooters and ball handlers in recent years, so it’s only fair that he ranks within the top five….right?

Maybe not, Curry’s length of elite playing time isn’t enough: He has been like this for what, two years? Curry simply hasn’t had a career full of accomplishments to be called one of the best of all time at this position. While he is impressive on the court, I would still put a guy like Iverson or Thomas above him simply because of what they provided as elite players for a long time. With all this said, there is one question to be answered:

How long until he really deserves that slot? I would say three more years at the minimum at this level, of playing would earn Curry a right to be within the top five or ten at the point guard position. There have been an endless amount of players who have played at a high level, (not like Steph, but not the point) but we never see ESPN raving about them?

The Warriors have an impressive record, an NBA title, and a deathly guy in Steph Curry, but can we please not jump the gun so soon?

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