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Just after a loss to Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys got some sad news regarding quarterback Tony Romo. Who left the game due to a shoulder injury in the second half. A scan revealed that he has suffered a broken left clavicle putting him on the shelf for the rest of the season. Romo just came back last week vs Miami Dolphins. After missing seven games with a broken left clavicle, that he suffered in week two in a win over Philadelphia Eagles. The team went 0-7 with Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel, as the starting quarterback in Romo absence .

In 3 games this season, he has thrown for 778 yards, 5 touchdowns, 4 interception, with a passer rating of 94.5. In the two games before his first injury, the team was playing well offensively and defensively. Once he got hurt, the offense did not look the same with Weeden and Cassel, not scoring enough points to keep the team in games. If Romo did not get hurt in week two, things would be looking different for Cowboys right now the record would be better then what it is at the moment.

There is a reason why he has been the Cowboys franchise quarterback for 13 seasons. He has a strong arm, he is accurate on his throws, when he is in the pocket he can find the receiver down the field for the 1st down. When Romo is pressured or does not see anyone open, he is known to scramble out of the pocket for a good amount of yards. Romo has a problem of being inconsistent at times, near the end of the season not getting it done when the team needs him most.

Losing him for the season hurts the team right now. He was the most important piece of the offense other then Dez Bryant, who is not as effective when there is another quarterback under center other then Romo.  The teams has a record of 3-8 right now, so the best thing the team should do is lose and try to get the best top 10 pick. With a strong team and healthy Romo next season, Dallas Cowboys will be back as one of the top teams in the NFC. The team should think about getting ready for life without him, by drafting a quarterback that can take over for him when he retires.



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