Tom Brady to Serve 4-Game Suspension


After Deflategate in late 2014, commissioner Roger Goodell gave out a 4-game suspension to Patriots QB, Tom Brady. It was originally scheduled to be in the first 4 games of the 2015 NFL season, but Brady appealed and won. 

However, on Monday, the United States Appeal Court ruled that Tom Brady will have to serve the 4-game suspension at the beginning of the 2016 Season. 

This is bad for the Patriots for multiple reasons, one of those reasons is not that they could possibly start 0-4, however it does pertain to one of their first four games.

The Patriots open the season against the Arizona Cardinals. If the Patriots could win the game, it would be a huge statement seeing that both teams made their conference championship games. 

However, with Brady out, its unlikely that they come away with the victory. The Patriots have, for many years, relied on Tom Brady and his destructive offense to win games. Now with Brady out of the picture, things could be rough to start.

Something else that could hurt the Patriots in the long run is that Brady will miss the first 4 games with his new revamped offense. As we all know, the Patriots made some solid off-season moves to help Brady upgrade his offense and avoid the disaster that  happened last season when all of Brady’s starting WR and TE went down with injuries. 

Now that everyone will be healthy and another TE was added everything is good, right? Well not so much.

Everyone knows that the best thing a new squad can do is get game experience. With a new offense, everything is expected to start slow, but with Brady out, we’re talking Week 9, 10, even 11 before things can get up and running and depending on how well they can do it could be too late.

However, all these players are veterans so maybe they can automatically click when Brady gets back. The amount of uncertainty is high in New England today.

There are options for the Patriots. He is two options actually: 

He can petition for a re-hearing of the case, which would be relatively easy to do considering how big of a name he is. His second option? He can take it to the biggest court in America. He can bring this case to the Supreme Court, which wouldn’t be smart in my opinion considering how long it would take, say around December or January, and if it is held up, he’d be suspended then, in the playoffs.


AP Photo/David Goldman

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