Tom Brady takes Suspension To Second Circuit Court


Steven Senne/Associated Press

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has filed his paperwork to get his 4-Game suspension, overturned which was given by an NFL appeal for a decision September of last year that freed Brady from the suspension. This has been a rollercoaster of emotions and appeals that most NFL fans just want a final decision, but most cannot agree on a decision on an issue that was originally on deflated balls.

Now it seems to be much more than that, with this suspension people feel that Brady’s legacy is being tampered with and with this 4 game suspension it hurts his legacy. Patriots fans across the nation have started a trend by the name of “#FreeBrady”. In the beginning of this situation presidential candidate Donald Trump had said to Brady “Sue them for 25 Million dollars for defamation of character.”

Many fans this that this is unfair and defaming one of the greatest QB’s of all time and one of the greatest sports franchises of all time, in the 4x Super Bowl winning New England Patriots (All with Brady under center in a 15 year span). Tom Brady is definitely facing long odds on getting suspension overturned but at this point it isn’t about the 4 Games, the 39 year old QB wants his respect and fairness by the NFL justice system and regardless of suspension or not he wants his image back.

If this trial is held anytime during the season, Tom Brady cannot be suspended (which would lead to if the NFL wins he would be suspended later in the year), but if this situation is handled after the first 4 Games of the NFL season. The NFL would be obligated to apologize to Brady and the New England Patriots and hopefully give the Patriots back the pick they lost for the 2017 NFL Draft, and the one million dollars they charged the Patriots after Super Bowl XLIX when this was brought to eyes.  Brady might be facing long odds to get this overturned, but if we’ve learned anything from watching the 2x NFL MVP Quarterback, is that he never gives up.

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