Tom Brady Sweepstakes: NFC East Edition


As of right now, Tom Brady looks to be angling towards a payday with the New England Patriots, or venturing out into the world of free agency. For those in the NFC East, his services may be welcomed more than originally thought. Only one, the Philadelphia Eagles, look to be secure with their quarterback. Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and Washington Redskins could be on the lookout for the veteran quarterback’s services. 

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Dallas Cowboys

Another offseason has Cowboys owner Jerry Jones being enticed by a popular quarterback. Jones was talked out of drafting Johnny Manziel once upon a time, so who will be there to step in this time around? Having Tom Brady on the Cowboys is an issue at his current age. The Cowboys would have to rid themselves of Dak Prescott in order to acquire Brady, along with paying him extensively what they would not give to Prescott.

The Cowboys would have to outbid every other taker, all while keeping their intentions secret. There is no way this all happens without anyone knowing, right?

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Washington Redskins

Welcome to another year on the quarterback carousel for a franchise that is desperate to be back in the NFL elite discussion. After last year’s tumultuous season at quarterback, the allure of Tom Brady in the nation’s capital could only bring good fortune. Will the front office be all in with Dwayne Haskins if Tom Brady is willing to suit up? The Alex Smith experiment did not end well, but that doesn’t mean bringing in a veteran quarterback should be out of the question.

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New York Giants

I would like to apologize to any fans who may lash out at the notion of having Tom Brady in a Giants uniform. David Gettleman seems like the type that would want Tom Brady on his team. He seems loyal to the players on the team, and the no-nonsense attitude of Brady would be welcomed. Did you see the media’s respectful treatment of Eli Manning? Would that change if Brady were brought in?

Even if you believe Daniel Jones has promise in this league, sitting out next year couldn’t be the worst idea for the franchise.

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Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have not been linked to the veteran at any point, but that still doesn’t take away the intrigue. Their current option in Carson Wentz hasn’t been able to stay on the field in his first four NFL seasons, while Brady has proven to disprove ‘Father Time’ year-after-year.

The lack of cap space, along with the fact that Wentz is under a fairly new contract, makes it so Philadelphia is focusing on improving at different positions.

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