Tom Brady Sweepstakes: AFC South Edition


As of right now, Tom Brady looks to be angling towards a payday with the New England Patriots, or venturing out into the world of Free Agency. For those in the AFC South, his services may not be as welcomed as some may think. Only one, the Houston Texans, look to be secure with their quarterback, while the Titans, Jaguars and Colts could be on the lookout for the veteran’s services.

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Houston Texans

A page filler could be warranted here, but in no way shape or form will the Houston Texans be looking at Tom Brady. Next team.

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Tennessee Titans

Do you still feel the Titans are a quarterback away from a Super Bowl? If our memory serves us, it was Ryan Tannehill that took down the Patriots, led by Tom Brady. Can we envision Brady handing off the ball over 25 times a game? He is efficient on check-down throws, but not so much at going down the field.

The Titans may be in search of another quarterback if they let Tannehill leave, and bringing in Brady could be their next move if the quarterback well dries up. 

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Jacksonville Jaguars

Last offseason, we watched the Jaguars sign Nick Foles, only to have him be injured early on. He was eventually replaced by then-rookie Gardner Minshew II. The team continued to make moves after trading All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey to the Los Angeles Rams.

Should the Jaguars even entertain the possibility of Tom Brady? Are they close enough to a Super Bowl to give money to another aged quarterback? No.

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Indianapolis Colts

After Andrew Luck’s surprise retirement a week before the 2019 season, all seemed to be lost for the Colts. Instead, Jacoby Brissett and Marlon Mack led the charge for a team that was poised for a playoff run. Due to injuries at various positions, including quarterback, the team missed out.

The irony of replacing Jacoby Brissett with Tom Brady could be an answer, but only if Indianapolis feels pressured to make a deep playoff run. Even with Brissett poised to return healthy, the Colts may want to look into vying for Brady’s services.

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