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4 time Super Bowl winning QB Tom Brady, is currently on a 4 game suspension for “DeflateGate” a cheating scandal in the 2014-15 AFC Championship when the Patriots took out an eager-not ready Indianapolis Colts team 45-7. The high score raised suspicion which made commissioner Rodger Goodell go under investigation. They came out with the finding that 11 of 12 Patriot footballs were deflated at 11.5 PSI or lower. The Patriots were hated across the country but still brought a 4th Super Bowl to Foxborough. In the offseason Goodell and the NFL suspended Brady for the first 4 Games of the 2015-2016 season. Brady took it to court and judge Richard Berman deemed Brady not guilty and relieved his suspension.

Now a full season we are in the same situation, the NFL appealed the decision and won on a 2-1 appeals court decision. Brady plans to take it to Supreme Court where a decision would be final. The New England Patriots feel that Brady’s legacy is being messed with and that his treatment is extremely unfair by the NFL discipline system, which many believe is corrupt. If Tom Brady takes it all the way to Supreme Court (if it goes through of course). Rodger Goodell and the NFL could not appeal the decision. Which would mean Brady would be a week 1 starter in the desert @ Arizona.

The Supreme Court doesn’t have to take this case, then Brady would be suspended for the first 4 Games @Arizona, VS Buffalo, VS Houston, and VS Miami. Jimmy Garoppolo would be the week 1-4 starter, (unless Jacoby Brissett puts up magical numbers in the pre-season) and tries to lead the Patriots to another 4-0 start into the season ahead. Garoppolo is now in his 3rd season and is hungry for playing time, with Brady aging and Garoppolo being a veteran I’m this leauge now. Jimmy could possibly take the starting job in this 4 game opportunity if Brady’s suspension is kept.

What does this mean for Brady’s legacy? Many fans of the NFL might see his legacy as tarnished as he used to be the golden boy of the leuage. Now that he has been caught allegedly cheating people may see his Super Bowls as tainted. Regardless Brady is the most winning QB in the history of the NFL, and holds most of the playoff passing records including most playoff wins with 23. Fans cannot deny his talent and skill as a passer and a competitor.

Tom Brady is hungry for the record setting 5th Super Bowl ring, but the window is closing. Brady is 39 years of age now, and many QBs have declined at the age of 39. The Patriots QB is not invincible and is being continued to be hit season after season being sacked 38 times this year! Time is running low for Brady, but regardress of suspension or not he will still be considered one of the the greatest competitors and one of the best team captains the NFL will ever get to touch.

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