Tom Brady Publicly Blasts NFL

On Wednesday, Tom Brady made a very public announcement- where he defended his innocence on Facebook  with a lack of punctuation and tons of rage starting with him, bluntly stating “I am very disappointed by the NFL’s decision to uphold the 4 game suspension against me. I did nothing wrong.”

The statement has also been published on the Patriots’ website. Brady previously has declined commenting towards the Deflategate scandal, so him speaking out in a public manner like that was shocking for all. Brady also previously declined to comment during a speaking engagement at Salem State University, but as all says, he is innocent until proven guilty. He can plead the fifth all he wants, but this is becoming quite overwhelming not only for him, but the whole Patriots and NFL Franchise. 

Although Kraft said the Patriots did nothing wrong, the team fired the two equipment managers whose text messages included supposed discussions having to do with inflation of footballs.

Brady’s agent Don Yee also released a scathing statement about Goodell’s decision to uphold the suspension, claiming that the two-time NFL MVP has reportedly given the NFLPA permission to fight the ruling in federal court. As Brady goes into court, there are sure to be more updates on this case. 

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