Tom Brady Possibly Awaiting Suspension?

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Tom Brady, one of the top players in  NFL history,  is possibly up for suspension due to alleged cheating.

A certain rumor, now a supposedly murky fact, of a “True American” team from New England, may have purposefully deflating footballs below the required PSI amount before the AFC Championship while playing the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots would go onto win the playoff game with an amazing victory of 45 to 7, but now that triumph is in question in the eyes of critics.

Brady has publicly stated that he and his team have nothing to do with it, although the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodwill, thinks otherwise.

Although not yet announced, discussions are forming on how long he will be suspended, if indeed he is found guilty. While waiting for Brady’s outcome, questions are beginning to rise about his team’s winning path to the Super Bowl.

Was this more than a one-time thing?  “More probable than not”.

The announcement of what will be done is scheduled for the upcoming week and I am personally on the edge of my seat to see what happens next.

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