TNA possibly losing TV spot with POP TV


Pop TV announced their fall TV Lineup and TNA was left off, POP TV has not been advertising TNA as much as they were when TNA first signed on. It’s a well known fact that TNA is a sinking ship, they moved out of their office building and into a warehouse, they are behind in payment. Even, Eric Young and Bobby Roode are in WWE all of a sudden because they were owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. This TV deal was the make or break point for TNA in early 2016, And they failed.

Ethan Carter III and Drew Galloway cut an entire promo about how the WWE didn’t know how to use either one of them, to their potential at a WWE sponsored Evolve event. It seems to me like they will both  be on their way back to the WWE soon as well.

The product that TNA is putting on their shows is by  far the best it has been in the last three years. It’s too little too late though, all their big names are gone and no one really wants to sign with them. Jeff Hardy, Ethan Carter III, Drew Galloway, and Bobby Lashley are carrying the Company on their backs.

If TNA does lose their TV spot, Where can they go from here? They don’t go anywhere, they are going to keep dying as long as Dixie Carter still has control over the company. Be on the lookout for all the TNA names to start showing up in WWE and GFW (Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling).

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