It’s Time for The Miz to Become WWE Champion


Despite the nonsense that has been the booking around the WWE/Universal Championships in recent memory, one aspect has been constant: Whenever Mike Mizanin is on the microphone or in the ring, it’s always captivating. The Miz continues to slide himself into large matches and segments, despite languishing on the outer echelons of the main event.

Looking back at when Miz was the WWE Champion, it was more bland than anything else. While it was a decent reign, it also wasn’t anything to write home about. The unfortunate point about this run was that it came at a time where The Rock and John Cena were trading verbal barbs, so the WWE Championship, as well as The Miz, were essentially pushed to the side. He was then put into the tag team with R-Truth, which was once again bland. It gave The Miz something to work on, and while he still lingered around the main event scene, but it wasn’t giving him much.

The Miz bounced around between the Intercontinental Championship reigns and meaningless feuds, but the return of his now wife in Maryse brought forward a new Miz that we have not seen. This was a wrestler who enthralled audiences worldwide, and he brought the Intercontinental Championship back into relevance.

It was this segment (above) on an episode of Talking Smack that reignited a fire under the backside of The Miz. In a shoot interview, The Miz spoke about how on that episode, the writers had nothing for him, so he requested that time on Talking Smack to shoot from the hip. Some called it the best work that they had ever seen from The Miz, and he hasn’t looked back since.

The Miz has done what he had promised to do in bringing the Intercontinental Championship back into relevance for the first time in years. He has captivated audiences with both his ring work and his work on the microphone, and has become one of the most popular superstars in the WWE.

His win against Jeff Hardy a few weeks ago meant that he would be in yet another “Money in the Bank” match in just a few months time. Viewed as one of the favorites at the moment, The Miz could be on his way for a second Money in the Bank victory. The ramifications of that mean that he, in theory, is going to be a future WWE Champion.

While we have seen both Damien Sandow and Baron Corbin lose their cash-ins, both have had John Cena involved. With Cena nowhere near the WWE at the moment, we can expect that should The Miz win the match, he will become champion at some stage in the near future.

It will be the right time for it too, with better superstars being around to create magical moments with The Miz. The likes of AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan (to name a few), could all have incredible matches with The Miz if given the right build and timeline. The Miz is at the right time of his career to hold the championship for a solid length of time.

He is considered a veteran of the company now, with nearly thirteen years of experience. He has progressed in every aspect within the business and changed himself to maintain his positon for years now, while keeping the fans interested in what he has to offer. It would not only be a reward for how he has managed to turn the Intercontinental Championship into the most prestigious and relevant championship on RAW, and possibly in the entire WWE, but it would make for some incredible television over the next year.

At the end of the day, there are quite a few superstars who could definitely make the most of being WWE Champion on SmackDown Live! If paired with the right people, there are five or six superstars who could provide captivating television. The Miz could do that with any contender at the moment, with his innate ability to cut promos that build the feud, as well as everyone involved in it.

For over thirteen years within the WWE, he has reinvented himself and improved his overall skillset to become one of the most valuable and recognizable faces. Despite the fact that he is 37-years old, The Miz has a few years left in him. He has the ability to be the face of the company alongside those who have been established in the main event for awhile now.

Header pic credit – AllWrestingSuperstars.com/WWE

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