Time For Stafford To Step Up In Detroit


When the Detroit Lions selected Quarterback Matthew Stafford first overall in 2009, it was viewed as a franchise changing move. The Lions had finally found their cornerstone QB who they could build around and possibly win a championship with. Seven years later, it hasn’t happened, and Stafford is getting towards the end of his prime years.

Regardless of what happens from  here on out, Stafford will go down as the greatest QB in Lions history. However, for the fans in Detroit, two playoff games (one of which you should’ve  won) is not enough to suffice. 

If the team, and Stafford himself, want to bring home that championship that they love to talk about, it’s time for Stafford himself to step up.

He has been criticized for not being a leader, but that could be changing. I’m not talking about this whole “Stafford doesn’t like Pokémon GO” story that’s being spread like wildfire. While that is a fair concern that his players and other people are more worried about digital creatures than they are about anything else, that has nothing to do with him becoming a leader .

Last year, after Joe Lombardi was fired as offensive coordinator and the team underwent some front office changes, the team seemed to rally behind Stafford’s play. He was able to keep plays going as well as thread the needle when needed. His play lead the Lions to becoming one of the best red zone offenses in the league. If he can play like he did in the red zone last year for all of 2016, the Lions could shock a few people.

My message to Matt is point blank; no more reports of you slacking in practice. No more reports of you not leading this team. NO. MORE. Time to step up, or step off.

Photo Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

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