Time for Cleveland to Enter “Panic Mode”?


This season for Cleveland has been an inconsistent one to say the least, as LeBron James and company are unraveling before our very eyes. With a serious injury to Kevin Love underway, is this a Cavaliers squad that should be concerned about the home stretch of the 2017-18 NBA season?

In my eyes, Cleveland should be very concerned about their recent struggles on the court, but off the court as well. The NBA playoffs may be over two months away, and as of now, the Cleveland Cavaliers are still a playoff caliber team. However, the Boston Celtics appear to be the favorite to advance to the NBA finals to represent the Eastern Conference.

The Cavaliers have a multitude of issues which they have to endure. Most NBA insiders figure the Cavaliers may even get knocked out in the early stages of the playoffs, which would be unlikely for James. Could an early exit result in the departure of LeBron James?

James is indeed a free agent after this season, and the rumors have been circulating all season long so far about where he could wind up. Let’s face it; LeBron James has had a great season statistically. For his teammates however, it’s been a different story.

Rewinding back to the trade involving Kyrie Irving, the Cavaliers were silly in terms of how they dealt with the situation at hand. Trading for an injury prone point guard such as Isaiah Thomas seems silly when you look back on it, as his minutes are drastically deceasing. With Thomas on the court, the defensive play of the Cavaliers has gotten progressively worst. Even the signing of Derrick Rose has been viewed as another hiccup, simply because he has barely played this season.

The play of Kevin Love has come into question recently, however, Love is now out for the next eight weeks with a broken hand. That could derail a potential run in the playoffs for the Cleveland Cavaliers. In addition, the disappearance acts of both J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson is a concern as well. All in all, how can we blame LeBron, when the roster is falling apart around him?

There are now two months left of regular season play, and Cleveland will need to fixate upon their issues sooner rather than later. The NBA Trade Deadline is next week, and it still may still not be enough for the Cavaliers to fix their issues at hand.

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