Time for a Rebuild in Indianapolis?


After a multitude of disappointing seasons, the Chuck Pagano/Andrew Luck era could very well be coming to an end in the near future for the Indianapolis Colts. It really is a shame, as I believe this is a franchise that deserves a championship. Not all has been poor in Indianapolis, but the execution factor doesn’t seem to be present within any department.

Give your opinion on “Deflategate” all you want, but the Colts haven’t been able to surpass the New England Patriots, or any elite AFC franchise for that matter, in ages. Whether it was Andrew Luck getting injured, or even Luck’s backup quarterbacks not being capable of driving the offense down the field, the amount of issues involving this roster seems endless.

If Pagano is let go by Indianapolis, where will he land? Would he jump into another head coaching position? I would argue that if Pagano does not reach the postseason in 2017, Colts owner Jim Irsay will not hesitate to make a change. At the end of the day, Pagano is an average head coach, which should be enough for him to land on his feet.

On a different note, how much blame should be pointed at Andrew Luck? When the Colts drafted him in 2012, the front office believed they were receiving a long-term solution for their franchise. However, the last three seasons have not favored the quarterback. I believe fans around the NFL are aware that Luck is an MVP for any team that could used a quarterback in the future.

However, his 2017 season has yet to take flight, as Luck has missed a handful of games so far due to injury. His replacements so far, Scott Tolzien and Jacoby Brissett, have not lived up to the challenge of being a valuable asset as a backup.

Although Luck is attempting to get back onto the field, it’s a short season, and the Colts are slipping in the standings within the AFC South. There is some speculation that the Colts may be forced to move on from Luck after 2017 season concludes, but believe me, there will be plenty of teams lined up give up whatever they have to do in order to receive Luck.

Is it time for the Colts to start over, once and for all? It may start with the possibility of moving on from Luck, and possibly invest into a new quarterback for 2018. The Colts are only three games in, and one may argue that the season isn’t over yet for Indianapolis. For realists, much like myself, Indianapolis should be exploring all of their options.

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