Three Things We’ve Learned Through Week 3 of the NFL


We are three weeks into the 2020 NFL season, and while there are unanswered questions, we have learned a lot thus far:

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs are the clear front runners

The Chiefs have already totaled 1,300+ yards of offense this season, and their MVP quarterback has almost 900 passing yards to go with nine touchdowns and no interceptions. There does not seem to be a defense that will be able to slow them down. This proved to be true on Monday Night Football against the Baltimore Ravens. Kansas City is expected to continue to dominate moving forward and could be the first team since the 2003-04 New England Patriots to win back-to-back titles.

Seattle Seahawks are the team to beat in the NFC

After three weeks into the season, the Seahawks have proven to be the early favorites in the NFC. In order to overthrow them, an opponent would need to put up 40+ points as a starting point. In the first three weeks, Seattle has totaled 38, 35, and 38 points respectively. The 14 touchdown passes by Russell Wilsons is an absurd statistic, as he finds himself as an early MVP favorite.

The NFC East is the worst division in football

The combined record within the NFC East to this point is 2-9-1. All four teams look lost. We expected some rough play from the Football Team and Giants, but the Cowboys and Eagles were playoff contending teams. The Cowboys appear to be dysfunctional, while the Eagles may struggle to win four or more games. Could we be headed to a division winner with a below .500 record?

What have you learned so far through three weeks? Send me your comments on Twitter @Beardaknowledge!

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