Three Reasons the Mets May Surprise in 2018


2017 was a nightmarish type of season for the New York Mets. After coming within a few wins from a World Series in 2015, the Mets have had a steady decline in production from some, while having a rough time getting others off their DL list. As a Yankee fan, it helps me sleep at night to know that the Mets have struggled. However, as a baseball fan, I believe the Mets have a chance of being at least competitive this season.

Sure, a lot can and probably will go wrong, but there are a few solid points that could prove the Mets will experience success in 2018.

3. Potentially Great Rotation

When the Mets made their cameo in the World Series back in 2015, it’s no doubt that their meal ticket was their pitching. Since then, the rotation has been battered with issues up and down the rotation.

However, that doesn’t mean the possibility for success isn’t still there. We witnessed how great the rotation was back then. They still have two absolute studs in Jacob DeGrom and Noah Syndergaard leading the top of the staff.

Matt Harvey has had a difficult time finding himself for a multitude of reasons, but he could make a formidable #3 starter if he can approximate some level of the success he’s had in the past. Steven Matz and Zack Wheelers complete what is a quality rotation that is young, with potential for greatness.

2. Bullpen Is Considerably Good

In recent years, the most dominant teams share a common, and that’s been the fact that their bullpens were considerably good. The Mets may not have a bullpen that is comparable to teams such as the Yankees and Indians, but they do have quality relievers.

Being led by recently acquired AJ Ramos, Jerry Blevins and Jeurys Familia, the Mets have a bullpen that perfectly compliments their rotation, especially if all things work out with their pitching from top to bottom. In that case, it would be the opposite of what happened in 2017.

1. Deep Mix of Veterans and Young Studs

The Mets have an actual promising lineup from top to bottom. There may not be much top tier talent, but they have formidable hitters at every position. In a league that isn’t all that deep of catchers, Travis d’Arnaud and Plawecki will do just fine for now.

Adrian Gonzalez is certainly not the same dominant first baseman that he once was, but a change of scenery could do some nice things for him. He joins Todd Frazier and Astrubel Cabrera as a veteran presence for a potential future All-Star in Amed Rosario.

Yoenis Cespedes and Jay Bruce provide strong backup for the emerging star in Michael Comforto, who will eventually rejoin the party after suffering a shoulder injury that’s left him questionable for Opening Day. Any production the Mets can get from their Captain David Wright and Jose Reyes could only add to the equation that has potential to equal success.

Final Prediction: I don’t think that the Mets have the slightest chance at toppling the Nationals in the NL East this season, but their roster has potential to flirt with a Wild Card spot.

I ultimately don’t see it happening, however, as Mets fans will probably salvage a quality season, after suffering in 2017.

What is your prediction for the NL East in 2018?

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