The Yankee Struggles Will End… Eventually


Okay everybody, let’s try and take a deep breath, the season isn’t over yet. The end may be coming for this year, if things don’t change but it’s not here yet. Us Yankee fans have been spoiled longer then I’ve even been alive. I was born in 1996, directly into the winning Yankees that made it easy to pick my favorite team, being from the great state of New York.

However, I also know my history. Our Yankee history is deep of legends and championships. All that has created a rich history. But our history hasn’t been perfect. There have been dark ages that have haunted us for years at a time, just like any other organization in the league.

The core four days that I was born into have sadly come and gone. Now, we have to piece together another championship winning team that can add to our legacy. I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but I don’t think that the current Yankees’ team is a World Series winning team. Could we make the playoffs? Of course.

However, that is not the annual Yankee goal. Each and every year the goal is to win the World Series. Nothing less.

I don’t think that a losing season could be the worst thing to happen to our Yankees to be completely honest. This might light the fire under the management’s behind to dig down deep, and really make some changes. I think it certainly starts with moving on from the past. Carlos Beltran hasn’t been our worst hitter, but I definitely think it’s time for us to move on from him.

Of course, it’ll be a daunting task to trade him, so we’ll just have to wait for his contract to expire. One man that has been holding us down as well, has been Jacoby Ellsbury. I’m not ready to call his signing a fluke yet, because I know how talented he can be. I could call him a fluke today, then the guy will go on a hitting tear making me dumb. (Maybe I will consider calling him a fluke if that’s the case) However, if he can not wake up from the adversity that he’s suffered, then I certainly think we have to wait his contract out. Until then, he’ll be clogging up an outfield spot. That’s tough for me to say, because I was so excited when the Yankees first signed him.

I think our middle infield is okay for the next 5 years or more, Starlin Castro is one of the better second basemen’s in the game, and I think Didi Gregorius will also improve over the next couple of years. Yes, the Yankees have the next couple of years to give.

I think the Yankees just need to stack up on young players, who are destined for a good career and just be patient. If it works out for us, we’ll have another legacy to be proud of. Until then, I think it’s best that we accept that the Yankees need to rebuild this team. Pretty much from the ground us. Let’s see what we can get out of this years team and hope for the best.

While that happens, we’ll see what young prospects like Jorge Mateo, Aaron Judge and other make of their careers with us. We also have current players on the roster such as Luis Severino, who also point to a brighter future.

In the meantime, we should accept that dark days are ahead, but all will lead to brighter future. Until then, I know I’m the only one who’s going to be bleeding Yankee blue, no matter what happens.

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