The Yankee Dynasty: It’s Almost Here


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It has been a few years since the New York Yankees officially closed the book on a great era. When the “Core Four” was running the show, Yankees fans were spoiled with a near guarantee entry to the playoffs every season.

The organization is built from an uncommon cloth. No matter what year it is, the goal is to win a championship. Why? Because you can’t win three in a row without the first one. That has been the mentality that’s helped New York rack up 27 championships over the years, and it’s that mentality that makes #28 inevitable.

As of August 31st, the Yankees are sporting an 84-50 record. That is enough for the second-best record in the league, yet behind an organization that is cut from the same cloth in the Boston Red Sox. The scary thought to put into the minds of rest of the league is that the Yankees have the second-best record, despite falling short of much of the potential that they had coming into the season.

As I had written over two years ago, the Yankees are a powerhouse and opposing fans have outcried at the advantage they have. The sad truth is that the Yankees do have an advantage and use their muscle so well. New York has adopted the strategy that brought lower-market teams championships in recent years such as the Kansas City Royals and Houston Astros, while still flexing their power in free agency. This path that we are on is a one-way ticket to the next era of Yankee dominance, as they are aim to monopolize the league.

A perfect example, is a very recent example. As a need raised for the Yankees to acquire an outfielder, due to Aaron Judge’s injury and lack of production from guys like Shane Robinson and Brett Gardner, the Yankees acquired Andrew McCutchen. Who is above serviceable as an outfielder and could prove to be a pivotal piece for the team down the stretch. He also provides veteran leadership, which proved to be an important part for the team when Todd Frazier joined the fray in 2017.

The narrative is not going to change. The team will continue to fill needs and holes, until every area is covered and until they have enough to win another collection of World Series chips.

The organization is unapologetic about wanting to be the best in every category and in every aspect of the game. The only team that will truly be able to challenge them on a consistent yearly basis will likely only be the Red Sox.

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