The Undertaker: 30 Years Of The Deadman


There are only a few professional wrestlers that transcend the sport, and Mark ‘The Undertaker’ Calaway is one of them. Calaway arrived on the WWE landscape in the fall of 1990, and has captivated audiences with one of the most iconic characters to grace the squared circle. However, it seems the self-proclaimed ‘Demon Of Death Valley’ has finally come to the end of his storied career. If that is the case, it was quite the journey.

The Mortician Makes His Debut

The Undertaker gimmick was first introduced in November of 1990, as he made his in-ring debut at that year’s Survivor Series. In impressive fashion, he laid waste to most of his opponents in the traditional Survivor Series tag match. Despite eventually being eliminated, there was no doubt a star was in the making. Calaway ultimately captured the WWE Championship in his first year with the company and became a staple moving forward.

Always Evolving

One of the qualities Calaway possessed that set him apart from other grapplers was his ability to evolve. From the ‘Old West Mortician’, to the ‘Prince Of Darkness’, to the ‘American Bad Ass’, the Undertaker character was able to change with the times and adapt to the changing landscape of professional wrestling. In a business where characters come and go, Calaway has always remained stable.

What The Future Holds

Calaway has stated in the latest WWE documentary that his biggest reason for stepping away from the ring is family. He and his wife, former WWE superstar Michelle McCool, have a young daughter. With that, he will spend time watching her grow up. Many wrestlers have had their bodies break down after years of punishment in the ring, and Calaway is electing to step away before that happens to him. While we will miss the Undertaker, we will always have the memories.

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