The Top 3 Greatest WrestleMania Theme Songs


Wrestling fans know how much a theme song means. Whether it’s for a video package, wrestler, etc it can make it or completely break it. So the biggest event in WWE (WrestleMania) needs a killer theme song, so I have made the 3 greatest themes. Keep in mind this is only main themes so no secondary themes or themes used for specific matches.

#3 “Coming Home”- Diddy-Dirty Money feat Skylar Grey (WrestleMania 29)

  What, didn’t expect something from the last 5 years? Well you were wrong. To understand why this song is coming in at 3rd let’s look at a little background at the event. For starter’s it’s labeled as New York/New Jersey so in a way it was WWE coming home to New York for the first time in 9 years. It also featured the rematch of the Rock and John Cena, so this as Rock saying he back to defend the title and Cena saying he was back to get his win over the Rock and avenge his loss from the previous year’s event.

  It really fit the event, and brings an almost feel-good feeling out of you.

#2 “Ladies and Gentlemen”- Saliva (WrestleMania 23)

  This theme was so fitting to WrestleMania 23. When 80,000 fans packed into Ford Field for the 1st time in WrestleMania history this theme got the whole crowd hyped it. The music video for the song was even filmed inside a ring and the lyrics are so fitting to a wrestling event. ” Like nothing you’ve ever seen before/ Watch closely as I open this door/ Your jaws will be on the floor/ After this you’ll be begging for more” describes exactly what WrestleMania is supposed to be. It’s this huge event that is supposed to draw your attention to WWE and keep it there and this song got that song across perfectly.

#1 “My Way”- Limp Bizkit (WrestleMania 17 AKA WrestleMania X-7)

  To any wrestling fan this was the obvious choice. This was my choice because not only is it an amazing song, but it fit the event so perfectly. If you want to look just at the show it fits the Rock/Austin feud so good because you have Austin who is and always has done things his way and has never done it any other way than his. On the other side you have The Rock who has this mindset that he’s beaten Austin before so why should he have to face him again, so when the 2 faced off it was a perfectly built masterpiece. Outside of the show, Mr. McMahon had just bought WCW 6 days before the PPV. This was Vince’s way of showing that he doesn’t back down and wasn’t going to do things how WCW wanted him to. It was Vince giving WCW the middle finger and saying “Hey look, I won this war. Not you!”

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