The Theorized NFL MVP Curse  


In the world of American sports, us as fans always like to talk theories. The theories are always about games being rigged, and I feel the biggest question mark is if sports curses are real. 

The Cubs did not win a World Series in 108 years, and some would say it was a result of the curse put back on them over ten decades ago. Can winning the most prestigious award curse everyone who wins it? Are you not allowed to win that and the Super Bowl in the same year?

The last time an MVP winner won a Super Bowl was way back in 1999, nearly 18 years ago when Kurt Warner won it and lead the Rams to a Super Bowl win. Peyton Manning has been MVP five times in his career, but the only two Super Bowl rings he has were years he did not win the MVP award. 

Recently, we saw Matt Ryan have the best year of his career. He dominated the first half of the Super Bowl, only to see Tom Brady have the most outstanding comeback in Super Bowl history. 

Is Brady that good, or did the MVP curse ruin Matt Ryan’s chances at being remembered as a Super Bowl champion? Even the year before, Cam Newton was the most dominant player of the year. He was the best dual threat QB since arguably Mike Vick. This lead to his first ever MVP award, and then he went on to beat the Seahawks and Cardinals in the playoffs, just to be devoured by Von Miller. Did Cam choke, or again, did that curse win another round?

This has happened to other big names as well; Tom Brady, John Elway, Aaron Rodgers and so many more. Is it a curse, or is it just a better game plan by the other team? Would you rather be known as the man who won 5 MVPs with 2 Super Bowl wins, or the man who has 6 Super Bowl wins and 2 MVP awards?

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