The NFL has turned into a joke

Remember when you could sit down with your friends and family on gameday and watch your favorite team and didn’t have to hear about any scandals? I do, and I am sure a lot of people remember it too. What about this uniform policy that all the sudden the Pittsburgh Steelers are being fined left and right for violating? Exactly, and here’s how the NFL has more of a fool out of themselves than ever before in one year.


Yeah, this damn thing again. So, not to make your head explode from reading this, it went like this. New England Patriots QB Tom Brady was accused of deflating footballs in a blow out win over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game. To shorten a short story, Roger Goodell, the brilliant commisioner of the NFL (sarcasm) decided to suspend Brady for four games, Brady appealed and it snowballed into a legal and media fiasco. I wanted Brady to be suspended at first, but then I just wanted the NFL to admit they couldn’t prove anything and that they were wrong. But no, Roger Goodell decided that he would rather make a fool of himself and the NFL by pressing this issue. It’s like beating a dead horse. Horsie is dead, why continue to beat it? This war is still going on right now, however it has been overshadowed by actual football.

The Uniform Policy:

Ah, yes. The Uniform Policy. The majority of fans have the same opinion as me. The Steelers DeAngelo Williams, William Gay, Cameron Heyward have been fined small amounts, well small to them, of money due to “uniform policy violations”. These “violations” were eye black messages, wearing purple without permission, and a custom message that read “We Will Find A Cure” on the breast cancer awareness ribbon. These players are being fined for suppointing the NFL’s cause? Not so fast. In 2013, Business Inside reported that only 8.01% of BCA profit and merchandise to American Cancer Society Cancer research. 8.01%. In comparison, 50% went to retailers. The NFL did get less than they gave to research, but still. They gave half of the profit to retailers? It’s nothing more than a scam, and maybe these fines are nothing more than a way to get a few more bucks out of BCA month.

This cancer issue is extremely personal to me. I lost the most important person in my life, my Grandmother, to cancer. So if I sound a little pissed off with the NFL, I think you can figure it out. I’m sure the NFL can do a lot more than 8.01%. I am not saying this is all that has made the NFL a joke, just look at Ray Rice, but these are big contributors. So thank you, NFL. 

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