The New England Patriots Making A Splash


After getting cut by the Arizona Cardinals, wide receiver Michael Floyd did not have to wait a long time to find a job. The New England Patriots claimed Floyd off waivers just a day after he got cut by the Cardinals. Floyd was recently arrested for DUI on December 12th.

In 13 games played this season, Floyd has 33 receptions, 4 touchdowns, and 446 yards receiving. In an off year for the team, Floyd has been part of the problem, not living up to expectations, being the second best wide receiver on the team behind Larry Fitzgerald.

Even though Floyd is not producing the same numbers as last season, he is still a talented wide receiver. Floyd has great hands, has the ability to stretch the field and beat corners with his speed. His two straight seasons of catching 6 touchdowns shows that he is a good deep threat wide receiver.

On the Patriots side of things, this a great risk or reward type of pickup for the team. It has been well known that the team has a history of getting the most out of good players with a troubled history like Randy Moss, Corey Dillion, and most recently, LaGarret Blount.

Floyd is someone who can help out the Patriots right now depending if he does not get suspended. The team has been missing a reliable deep threat for a long time, and with the injuries to Danny Amendola, Floyd can fill his role quite nicely.

The team is well known of the little risk of signing Floyd with the chance of him missing at least 2 games due to the DUI arrest. If the team can get the most out of him, this move will make the team a stronger contender to win the Super Bowl this season. It might be a season rental unless the team can resign Floyd in the offseason, as he is set to become a free agent.

On the Floyd side of things, he must feel like the luckiest man in the NFL right now going from getting arrested for DUI and now he is playing for a contending team in New England. With that in mind, he will have to straighten himself up, making sure that this arrest is only a one-time mistake.

If anything can help motivate him it is the chance he is playing for one of the greatest football teams in the world, and that he gets to play for a Super Bowl, and playing with Tom Brady is not that bad of thing itself.

The team also worked out wide receiver Devin Hester Thursday, Hester was cut by the Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday. During Monday night’s game against the Ravens, the team fumbled two kick returns on two straight kickoffs leading to a Ravens touchdown each time, so looking at Hester, who is one of the best returners in the league, is not a bad idea.

All in all, these past few days have been very busy for Robert Kraft and company, and it is obvious that the front office wants to make the team have a stronger chance to win the Super Bowl and looking into players that can make an impact is a  part of it.

Photo Credit Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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