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The Myths & Truths of Saving the Oakland Raiders


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On Monday, the Oakland Raiders departed from General Manager Reggie McKenzie. This came following a 24-21 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday; a win that many didn’t see coming. Fans of the Raiders believe there is still hope for the future after McKenzie’s departure, while others believe there is an uphill battle on the horizon. Here are a few myths and truths to what the Oakland Raiders need to do to save the future of their franchise: 

The Oakland Raiders need to explore other quarterback options

In 2019, the Oakland Raiders have a potential out on Derek Carr’s contract, and they should take advantage of this opportunity. This statement is the truth, and if they elect to keep Carr under contract, he will be the presumed answer until the year 2023. 

Carr currently ranks 12th in passing yards, 16th in QBR, and 18th in TD this season. In result, the Raiders rank 29th in points per game, causing frustration among the fan base. 

While the upcoming draft class isn’t loaded with current superstar talent at the quarterback position, the Raiders have enough picks to gamble on a potential developing player. Even at his best, Carr has been incapable of winning when it matters most, and would be better utilized elsewhere. 

The Oakland Raiders need to fire Jon Gruden

Since the Raiders shaky start to the new season, fans have been displeased with Jon Gruden’s ability to lead this franchise to victory. In a way, I can understand the frustration. Gruden signed off on trading away star talents in Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper, who are now both part of playoff contenders in the NFC. 

On the contrary, this is an absolute myth. Oakland was never expected to contend with the likes of the elite talent in the AFC this year, and tanking is simply part of today’s game. The Oakland Raiders have secured multiple first-round picks over the next few seasons, and Gruden is notorious for scouting college prospects. We all need to pump the brakes before giving up on a coach presumably worth $100M. 

Nick Bosa will be the #1 overall draft pick for the Oakland Raiders 

After their past victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was controversial to see the Raiders dig themselves out of the #1 pick for the 2019 NFL Draft. While every fan base wants to see their beloved franchise win games, planning for the long-term goal of championships remains the priority. 

If the Oakland Raiders secure the #1 overall pick in the upcoming draft, selecting Nick Bosa will be the best move possible, making this statement the truth. The Raiders hold 11 sacks all year, which is 11 less than the Miami Dolphins, who rank 31st in the NFL.  

Over the course of 3 years at Ohio State, Bosa has racked up 17.5 sacks, and has been labeled as one of the best overall talents in the current draft class. While there may be an injury precaution to his name, the Raiders need to draft Bosa before worrying about a solution at any other position. 

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