The Machado Sweepstakes Are Heating Up


It’s July within the MLB, and that means two things: The All-Star break and Trade Deadline are quickly approaching. The MLB trade season is a lot more active than any other major sport played in the states, but that is only because players have more games to get acclimated to a team and situations they find themselves thrust upon. Ball players can easily go from a last place team to a playoff contender within a day, and that’s where Manny Machado finds himself. Here are the three most plausible teams that are vying for Machado’s services, and what the Baltimore Orioles could possibly get out of it.

Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians find themselves in an interesting position with first place positioning in the AL Central, but have pressure to win now, as the team missed their World Series title chance by losing to the Chicago Cubs. Machado would be a fit here, as he would get the chance to play alongside franchise players such as Franciso Lindor. The  question is whether Machado wants to share the spotlight with Lindor long-term, who will be entering his first year arbitration. The Indians would likely have to give up C/OF Fracisco Meija and RHP Tristan Mckenzie  to get Machado, but I don’t see that happening.

Outcome: Doesn’t Work

Arizona DiamondBacks

The DiamondBacks have been the most active team in the Machado sweepstakes, as they are in a battle for the division lead with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Their shortstop and third basemen have come up short in the hitting category, and by adding Machado, he attracts extra base hits and home runs to the middle of the lineup. Arizona is ranked firt in team ERA, so they are stockpiled currently at the major league level. The Orioles would be looking at top prospect RHP Jon Duplantier to fill in for their rotation, but his injury concerns have to make the front office weary, especially with what they dealt with during spring training with Britton (Achilles) and O’Day (Hamstring)

Outcome: Trade, but Machado tests free agency at the end of the season

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are second in the NL East currently, but are playing better than expected heading into the All-Star break. The team contains one of the ten best starting rotations in baseball right now, so this is the perfect opportunity to bolster their infield defense without blowing up the immediate future. The Orioles will likely be asking for a top-ten prospect in RHP Sixto Sanchez and third baseman Maikel Franco, who are viewed as great young talents.

Outcome: Trade, Machado signs long-term

It’s safe to say that Manny Machado is looking to be out of Baltimore, and it’s just a matter of when. Franchises will be getting desperate towards the deadline, and it appears that the waiting game for Baltimore could pay off in the next few weeks.

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