The Knicks: Playoff Basketball In 2-3 Years?


In a time that appears overdue, the holiday time is finally here. With that, NBA fans are treated to the return of their favorite winter sports. After a brief offseason for some, while being an extremely long one for others, fans don’t know what to expect. For Knicks fans, they have been conditioned to expect the worst. After decades of piled up disappointment and a relatively quiet free agent period, a large portion have healed their bruises from last season and are ready to receive some more.

There will be more agony approaching for the Knicks and their fans, but for the first time in awhile, the future looks bright. Of course, this has been said in year’s past, but there seems to be a different mood. Even watching their preseason opener, there seems to be an all-around effort to bring the team back to relevancy. From the excitement on the faces of draftees Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley and Myles Powell to the look of disgust on the face of new head coach Tom Thibodeau for sloppy play, the mood appears different.

After the Knicks hired Leon Rose and World Wide Wes, sudden suspicious optimism was felt amongst the fan base and the script is being written the way it should. They are relying on their young talent and truly trusting the process. The Knicks were willing to spend whatever money it would take, but they simply didn’t know where to throw that money and it showed.

The controversial James Dolan is showing signals of finally stepping aside and letting the basketball minds do their magic. The Knicks have a lot of potential leaders to take control of the team and they are finally building a foundation similar to that of the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers. As it stands, the Knicks are one star away from being a playoff contender and the growth of young stars such as RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson will determine how real that possibility comes to light.

Not only is their future bright, but if things continue on the upward trend that its on, we might see the Knicks return to playoff basketball in the near future. No longer directionless, the team is officially on their way to being a factor in the Eastern Conference.

Isaiah Hansen

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