The Incredibly False Narrative About Joe Burrow


As we head towards the 2020 NFL Draft, plenty of rumors and reports are expected to surface. Most draft boards have LSU quarterback Joe Burrow as the respective first pick, but whether he actually plays is the latest conspiracy theory.

According to Steve Bartowski, who was drafted with the top pick by the Atlanta Falcons in 1975, he believes there is a chance that Burrow demands that the Bengals avoid drafting him or trade their top pick away.

“I think I’d pull an Eli Manning on that one. I said, you’ve got a chance to do that. That’s happened. [John] Elway kind of set the tone, then the Mannings delved into it after Eli was picked by San Diego.”

Since then, a media firestrom erupted after Burrow referenced the process of the Cincinnati Bengals making the top selection.

The statement given by Burrow is innocent to a large degree. The Cleveland Browns weren’t expected to bet on Baker Mayfield, but gradually he grew on the franchise leading up to the 2018 NFL Draft.

When asked directly, Burrow claimed that he was solely focused on the upcoming season and improving as a player.

“It’s time to start the new year,” Burrow said, “and I’m in a pretty unique spot that I can focus solely on the season and not have to prove myself. You can go watch the film and see all that. I’m solely focused on this season and trying to be the best player I can be.”

That sounds a lot like a player who is prepared to be drafted by a team with an immediate quarterback issue.

We need to make this clear: Joe Burrow will not sit out of the 2020 season if he is drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals. The false narrative behind it comes from the media and controversial opinions from those with an audience.

Instead of attempting to divide Burrow and the Bengals, we should instead be preparing the Ohio native for his bright NFL future.

Photo Credit- Cincy Jungle

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