The Fiend vs John Cena: Why It Makes Sense


The return of John Cena was met with the challenge of The Fiend, who most recently lost the Universal championship to Goldberg. With Goldberg accepting Roman Reigns to be his first challenge at WrestleMania 36, The Fiend challenging Cena makes sense.

Six years ago, Cena faced Bray Wyatt. It was an amazing feud that ended in favor of Cena during a Last Man Standing match. Since then, Wyatt has went through multiple feuds and won the WWE Championship and Tag Team Championships.

For Cena, the last six years were filled with historic moments that included a 16th World Championship win. After years of success, many are left wondering when Cena’s WWE career will come to an end.

The media and fans saw The Fiend’s loss to Goldberg as one of the biggest slaps in the face, but does this mean The Fiend and Cena could cross each other’s paths?

If Wyatt is able to use The Fiend to defeat Cena, it’s obvious that he will be able to enter the Universal title picture after WrestleMania. Defeating Cena may even send the veteran into the consideration of retirement.

Fiend losing to Goldberg is one of the more questionable scripts in recent WWE memory, and if he can’t beat Cena, who knows what his future will hold later this year.

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