The Farm Report: Tahnaj Thomas


In this week’s Farm Report, we take a look at 20-year old pitching prospect Tahnaj Thomas. He originally was picked up by the Cleveland Indians from the Bahamas in international free agency at the age of 17. Thomas originally switched from a third baseman to a pitcher. During the 2018-19 offseason, Thomas was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Max Moroff and Jordan Luplow.

According to Fangraphs, Thomas is one of six Pirates prospects in their top 100. He is currently ranked 78th overall, and with good reason. His arsenal includes a highly regarded fastball and some excellent developing off-speed pitches.

During the 2019 season, Thomas was assigned to the Bristol Pirates, where he had an excellent season and showed promise. His control resulted in a 2.61 BB/9 to go along with 10.99 K/9 all in 48.1 innings pitched. His ERA of 3.17 was admirable, and he also improved his xFIP with a 3.49.

Thomas has a 60 grade on his fastball that can reach upwards of 96 MPH with a decent amount of late movement. His slider is another sneaky pitch with a 55 grade, with it being in the low 80’s with a sweeping motion.

Most likely, we will see Thomas start with the Bradenton Mauraders (high A affiliate). If he continues to develop his off-speed pitches, such as his slider and newly acquired changeup, we could see him end up in Altoona before the season’s end.

Photo Credit- AIP Photos

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