The End of DeflateGate: Brady Stands Down


After a long 18 months, what is known as “DeflateGate” is finally over. New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has chosen to accept the 4-game suspension to be held this year, missing games at Arizona, then 3 straight home games vs Miami, Houston, and Buffalo. 

Many Patriots fans are unhappy with this ruling, as “#FreeBrady” has been the theme in New England.

The NFLPA has also chose to step down from this fiasco, although they could have appealed without Bradys consent, as this was a player issue. 

This was obviously something the Players Association wanted to fix, because allegedly knowing of deflated footballs does not deserve four games (nor does it deserve in fines plus 3 draft picks in the sights of Brady and the PA).

Words can not describe the astonishment and shock of this choice by Brady as most thought he’d fight this all the way to the SCOTUS to get this decision final, but obviously Brady has a lack of faith in the justice system which is why he chose to step down. Tom Brady came out with a post on Facebook announcing the difficult decision stating that he just “wants to be the best player I can be come this fall”.

All NFL fans can agree this was a big waste of time, money, and stress out of both Brady and the NFL justice system. The odds were long for Tom Brady, and this time his clutch gene couldn’t get it done. The first game we will be able to see Tom Brady is in Cleveland week 5 October 9th vs the Browns.

Tom Brady now is left with a 4 game suspension, a possibly tainted legacy, and possibly a lack of trust out of the rest of the NFL Owners, coaches, players, and most importantly the fans. What Brady does here is anybodys guess, but one thing is for sure, he will only be playing 12 games in this coming regular season.

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