The Downfall of Dwight Howard

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In the summer of 2013, star center Dwight Howard was the main attraction during free agency for about half the teams in the NBA. Fast forward now to 2016, and the Houston Rockets were incapable of trading him away before the deadline.

The way Howard plays on the court is only half the problem for the Rockets, as he has turned into one of the least attractive players to have on an NBA roster. The Rockets placed themselves in a situation where it is almost impossible to contend for the title in the West, yet it would not make sense to tank the season for a draft pick.

Howard will most likely opt out of his deal with the team according to multiple sources, and the Rockets doubtfully will even throw an offer to his camp. With all this being said, why would you even want Howard on your lineup?

With a reputation of clashing with management and/or players, Howard has turned himself into a cancer for just about any franchise that wishes to have consistency. Howard even admitted to the press that him and James Harden don’t always get along, but they have to “make it work”.

Undergoing knee and back surgery may be part of the reason Howard isn’t playing like he was back in 2009, but it’s ironic that someone that was once the hottest commodity in sports has turned into a villain.

With Howard most likely hitting free agency this summer, it is doubtful by all means that any NBA team would offer him a max contract. Can Howard set his ego aside for a season and make it work under a new system? It didn’t work with the Magic, Lakers or even the Rockets, so it will be hard to imagine Howard will make it work elsewhere.

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