The Continued Saga of Dwight Howard


As free agency starts next week, a name you can add to that list is Dwight Howard. The trade between the Charlotte Hornets and the Brooklyn Nets turned into a buyout that allowed for Howard to become an unrestricted free agent. With the transfer, Howard is now labeled as an NBA journeyman. He has now been on six teams, and although he was once viewed as the most dominant center in the game, what is next for Dwight Howard?

There is speculation that Howard could join the Golden State Warriors in order to get his first championship. While Howard would be a great fit, is he willing to take a massive pay cut for the benefit of joining a dynasty in the making? The Warriors are in need of a center, but have had no issue playing small ball in order to receive their three rings over the last four seasons.

This offseason will be see a lot of veterans being overpaid, and Howard shouldn’t be an exception to that. There are plenty of teams that need a center, but are they willing to give him a reasonable salary?

If he chooses the right destination, Howard has the opportunity to revive his career. As long as he is able to stay on the court and provide a service to an NBA franchise, Howard should have no trouble finding a new home before the start of the next season.

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images North America


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