The Athletes Hub, Play PickUp in Partnership


On Thursday, April 1st, it was announced that The Athletes Hub and Play PickUp have agreed to a partnership agreement. Play PickUp is a 100% free platform that allows users to predict the outcome of sports events from around the world. Backed by major investors such as DraftKings, the content team at Play PickUp is made up of elite individuals that are from various areas across the United States.

After more than five years of effort, The Athletes Hub is proud to be aligned with an organization that continues to stand out and provide unique insight in the growing sports market.

Thank you to Kyle Brown, Jeff Carillo, Dan Healey, Janessa Lourdes, Dave Scipione, and others from Play PickUp who had a role in our involvement. In addition, we’d like to give thanks to all viewers of The Athletes Hub who have assisted us in finding success over the years.

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