Thabo Sefolosha Found Not Guilty

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After a hectic offseason,  especially for Atlanta Hawks player Thabo Sefolosha. With that being said, it is all about to be over after court found Sefolosha not guilty on Friday on all charges against him during his incident outside a Manhattan Club in April. The team opens the season October 27th vs Detroit Pistons.

Last season in 52 games for Atlanta Hawks Sefolosha averaged 5.1 points per game, 1.4 assist per game and 4.3 rebounds per game. Sefolosha plays a good bench player role and nobody expects him to be anything but a role player. Someone that can come off the bench, when the players need a rest and put up 5 points a night.

Even though Sefolosha is not an impact player, he is still a valuable piece of the team off the bench. He can shoot the ball, when he gets playing time; he is a good passer as well. He is generally used for his ability to get points having very limited minutes. If he given more minutes, perhaps he could contribute more.

Sefolosha must be a relieved right now that he is not guilty. If he was guilty, he would have missed some games due to being suspended. Now that he is all cleared, he now can focus on rehabbing from the injury that he suffered during the incident. He will most likely not be able to play on the first game of the season and miss the first couple of games rehabbing.

The next step for Sefolosha after rehabbing now that he is not guilty, is to possibly press charges (since the arrest caused him to break a bone in his right leg). It is obvious that he has the right to press charges, and if he doesn’t, someone will.

Atlanta Hawks fans must be happy that he is not guilty as well. He plays a good part of a bench role for the team. Once he is 100% healed from his injury, the team will get a good valuable scorer that can produce 5 points a night with limited minutes. The team will most likely bring him back slowly until he feels he can compete at full speed at his role.

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