Terry Collins to stay Manager of the Mets through 2017


After a amazing and improbable run in the playoffs, the Mets will reward their 66 year old skipper with a contract extension. The deal will be announced officially at a Citi Field press conference on Wednesday. Terry Collins will be joined by General Manager Sandy Alderson at the table to announce the deal.

Collins lead the Mets to their first pennant in 15 seasons and gave the city of New York that explosive playoff atmosphere that has been lacking for a few years. The Mets did it with great young pitching which will be their staple for years to come.

It’s a crazy turn of events for Collins. No one pictured the Mets to make the playoffs let alone battle their way to the World Series. He was on the hot seat, and not many things have gone good for the Mets during his tenure. In five years as the Mets skipper Collins had accumulated a record of 394-416 ( .486 ). 

In New York, that is unacceptable. Even if you are going through a rebuilding phase the city has no patience for it. This past season marked the first time in his 11 year managerial career he has won 90 games. All in all it was a great season for him the Mets and the city of New York.

Collins was under fire for his poor bullpen management in the World Series but the guy has made all the right moves to get the Mets to that point. With one of the best young Rotations in the league we assume Sandy Alderson will be all in during the off season to ensure the Mets will return to the fall classic. With Collins at the helm for two more years is a great start, and his players have the upmost respect for him.

Is it possible that Mets could have pushed big brother over to the side and claimed the New York City spotlight? I know one thing having the Yankees and Mets play competitive is great for baseball, and maybe theres a chance for a Subway Series in the future, but only time will tell…..

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