Tennessee Titans: Disappointing ’15 Season, but ’16 looks much better

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015-2016 season for the Tennessee Titans was disappointing. There is no different way of putting it. In the last two seasons, the Titans have five combined wins. This previous year the Titans had a lot of young talent, which was used as a reason why the lacked wins this season. A great example of this would be their offensive line. The person with the most experience on their offensive line has two years in the NFL. Add losing your coach mid-season and things can be a struggle. Even with this said, that was not an excuse for the awful season.

If you look through the Titans season, there are a plethora of games they should have won. Back-to-back games against the Colts and Bills in Week 3 and Week 5 respectively, a game against the then-undefeated Falcons in Week 7, back-to-back games against the Jagurars and Raiders in Week 8 and Week 9 respectively, a game where the offense didn’t do anything in the second half against the Panthers in Week 10, and a season closer against the Colts in Week 17. If you put these wins in the record, they’re suddenly 8-8 and while it’s not a playoff record, it’s definitely an improvement.

There is high hope going in next year with the young talent developing. There are, however, some setbacks that you have to keep in mind. One of those being the coach situation. There are reports all over the place from the Titans getting Hue Jackson (OC for the Bengals), Chip Kelly (Ex head coach of Eagles, also coached Titans star QB in college), and keeping their current “interim” head coach, Mike Mularkey. Yet the coaching job isn’t the only job up for grabs. Only a few days after losing their season finale to the Colts, the Titans fired their then-GM, Ruston Webster. With a new GM and a new coach, this means a completely different system to the Titans. With a young team this could be a hazard to their development if everything is changed. With that being said, the Titans will most likely lean towards Mike Mularkey for the Head Coach job.

For Titans fans, don’t freak out. The 2016-2017 season will be better. Peyton Manning, as did Marcus Mariota, went 3-13 in his rookie season. The next season? He went 13-3. This isn’t to compare Mariota to Manning, just a little motivation. As for fans of the Colts and Texans? Your time reigning over the AFC South is coming to an end. The Titans and Jaguars are coming to their full potential.

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