Teams Making Pitches to Kevin Durant 

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The hottest NBA free agent this summer will be none other than Kevin Durant. With a handful of organizations already planning to make pitches, it’s important that Durant goes somewhere that will suit him best. Here are the latest teams interested in Durant: 

Boston Celtics: The Celtics were maybe one or two pieces away from being considered a real threat to the Cavs in the East last season. If Durant packed his bags and went to Boston, I could very easily see the Celtics face the Cavs in the 2017 Eastern Conference Finals. 

San Antonio Spurs: With the addition of LaMarcus Aldrige last season, the Spurs have shown that they are willing to spend money on players they need. With Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker all set to retire fairly soon (an assumption), it only makes sense that the Spurs go after a player like Durant. 

Golden State Warriors: If Durant wants to win, this is where he should go. To a team that’s already in the NBA finals for the second straight year, Durant could be the piece to make this franchise turn into a potential dynasty. The only con to joining the Warriors is that Durant will most likely be the third or even fourth option in terms of scoring, so his ego would need to be put on hold for awhile. 

Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers may be re-building, but they are a draft pick and a few free agents away to being a low seeded playoff team in the West. With the addition of Durant, the Lakers would more than likely launch their way into the 2017 postseason. 

Oklahoma City Thunder: Why not stay with the Thunder? The team was a few wins away from the finals, and your playing with Russell Westbrook during his prime. Durant was already seen as the number two scoring option in Oklahoma City, so the only reason to leave would be based off frustration in terms of winning championships or not scoring enough. 

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