Tampa Bay Rays and Oakland A’s moving to San Jose?


Could the Tampa Bay Rays and/or the Oakland Athletics move to San Jose? If so, this is why it will be great for the MLB.

The MLB needs to figure out where the Oakland Athletics and the Tampa Bay Rays should be playing in the future. This just doesn’t have to do with Tropicana Field and Oco Coliseum, two venues that aren’t close to filling fans. It’s also about if they should be serving those markets, and if baseball is better off with at least one playing elsewhere.

The facts are that the Tampa Bay Rays haven’t drawn over two million fans since their first ever season in 1998, and have finished last or next to last in attendance in 13 of the 17 years in existence.

The Oakland A’s can say they did draw over 2 million fans in 2014, when they went on a miricale run through the that season.

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