Tampa Bay Host Of WrestleMania 36


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After months of speculation of where WrestleMania 36 will be located next year, the WWE put an end to the speculation on Thursday, announcing that the company will be heading back to Florida. The event will be held inside Raymond James Stadium.

Since 2008, the WWE has held WrestleMania in Florida on 3 separate occasions: 2008 in Orlando, 2012 in Miami, and most recently 2017 again in Orlando. Each time Florida has hosted WrestleMania, it has been home to some iconic moments that include Floyd Mayweather Jr knocking out The Big Show, Shawn Michaels retiring Ric Flair, the first ever match between The Rock and John Cena, The Hardy Boyz returning to the company, and The Undertaker hinting at retirement by leaving his gloves, coat, and hat in the center of the ring after losing to Roman Reigns.

Although Florida is a hot spot for WrestleMania, fans outside of the region are not particularly excited. With the warmer regions receiving more opportunities to host WrestleMania, it leaves the regions up north left out. Despite the complaints, the WWE has been strategic about its venue choices, as the countdown begins.

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