Which Quarterbacks Deserve New Contracts?

As everyone knows, the centerpiece to any NFL franchise is the quarterback position. The man under center is ultimately granted most of the credit when it comes to the success of an organization, but are also blamed for their shortcomings as well. Plenty of quarterbacks have shined in recent years, as some currently have the … Continue reading Which Quarterbacks Deserve New Contracts?

Sam Bradford Heading To Vikings

After hearing that quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will be out for the season, the Minnesota Vikings have been looking to acquire a starting quarterback.  Well, it looks like the team found one as the Philadelphia Eagles  have traded Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings for a 2017 1st round pick and a 2018 4th round pick. Last season in 14 … Continue reading Sam Bradford Heading To Vikings

Top 10 QB’s Coming Into 2016 Season

With the draft passed over, OTA's winding down, and free agency practically done, there are things to be said of NFL QB's next year, the top 10 exactly. There could be  many sleepers, snubs, and with TB12 on the suspension, there could be a open spot for the top 3. 10. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons … Continue reading Top 10 QB’s Coming Into 2016 Season

Green Bay Packers Vs Minnesota Vikings Game Preview

Heading into week 17, there are still playoff spots and division titles up for grabs. One division that is up for grabs is NFC North, between Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. Due to the Packers losing Sunday to Arizona Cardinals, and Vikings winning vs New York Giants, these two teams are going to play … Continue reading Green Bay Packers Vs Minnesota Vikings Game Preview

Best DraftKings Options for Week 13

Daily Fantasy Sports have become a booming trend across the nation. Here are my thoughts for this week, using DraftKings and their prices/roster: Quarterback Best Option - Cam Newton ($7,400) vs. Saints (OPRK 32) While some scoff at MVP notions for Cam Newton, mostly due to the lack of statistical performance, he has been a great … Continue reading Best DraftKings Options for Week 13

Fantasy Football Intel Report 1.6

   Jason Pierre-Paul, DE New York Giants Source- ESPN.com Over the 4th of July weekend, Jason Pierre-Paul suffered injuries to his hands in a firework incident. According to ESPN, in an article (which didn’t specify an author), they stated that JPP suffered injuries to both of his hands including several burns, and possible nerve damage. … Continue reading Fantasy Football Intel Report 1.6