Preseason Takeaways: Week Two Edition

We caught a glimpse of each franchise during their preseason debuts last week, and with that, we received a few takeaways as well. Heading into the second week of preseason action, many were speculating on who was emerging as a star, and who appeared to be a one-week wonder. Here are the takeaways from each preseason … Continue reading Preseason Takeaways: Week Two Edition

2017 NFL Predictions

As preseason football in underway, it's never too early to predict what will happen come February. With that, a group here at The Athletes Hub elected to get together, and answer some of the most riveting debates around the NFL. The topics include who will win Rookie of the Year, MVP, a ticket to the … Continue reading 2017 NFL Predictions

The 5 Worst Quarterbacks to Win a Super Bowl

The NFL offseason is well underway, but that never means that the controversial debates quite end. Over the years, some of the most elite quarterbacks have stepped forward and secured themselves a Super Bowl ring, solidifying their legacy among the past NFL greats.  On the contrary, how about the quarterbacks that we have forgotten over … Continue reading The 5 Worst Quarterbacks to Win a Super Bowl

All 32 NFL QB Rankings for 2017

With the conclusion of the NFL Draft, fans across the nation are hoping for the best of their quarterback situation, but may be preparing for the worst. The starting quarterback position is the backbone to virtually every franchise, but who ranks where? In this piece, we’ll break down where each quarterback should rank heading into … Continue reading All 32 NFL QB Rankings for 2017

Why Boston is the Greatest Sports City on the Planet

Located in the heart of New England, Boston, Massachusetts is one of the most historic cities in the United States. They're not only known for their rich history, but it's also their much respected sports teams. Boston has four of the best teams in their respective sports: the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston … Continue reading Why Boston is the Greatest Sports City on the Planet

Dynasty Series: The Steel Curtain

The city of Pittsburgh has one of the richest franchises in NFL history, however, it took them a long time to get it started. First achieving greatness in the '70s, they had one of the greatest D-Lines of all-time. With multiple Hall of Famers on the defense, it was nicknamed "The Steel Curtain", captained by … Continue reading Dynasty Series: The Steel Curtain

Brady Vs Montana; Who’s The GOAT Now? 

After undoubtedly the greatest Super Bowl comeback in NFL history, Tom Brady secured his fifth NFL Championship trophy, making him the only QB in NFL history with 5 Super Bowl victories.  With that, is it time to hand Brady the crown? Abolsutely. Here's why:  Teams going into the fourth with a 19+ point lead in … Continue reading Brady Vs Montana; Who’s The GOAT Now?