Pros & Cons of Adam Cole Signing with NXT

Earlier this week, the WWE went on to sign former Ring of Honor World Champion Adam Cole to a contract to their developmental territory, NXT. The veteran has reportedly already begun training, and will soon enough debut on NXT in the next few weeks. While fans grew to love Cole from his former stint with … Continue reading Pros & Cons of Adam Cole Signing with NXT

The Top NXT Women’s Champions

In this segment, I will attempt to rank the best of the NXT Women's champions. This may regard the legacy they have brought forth for themselves, or just how dominant they may have been during their reign at the top of the industry. Each individual has reached the same destination at one point in time, … Continue reading The Top NXT Women’s Champions

Top 5 Money In The Bank Matches in WWE History

As the title says, I will be breaking down the Top 5 Money in the Bank matches in history. When I say that I mean the actual Money in the Bank match, not the PPV. Perhaps that could be another list down the road. But with no further to do, here is the Top 5 … Continue reading Top 5 Money In The Bank Matches in WWE History

TNA: The Sharp Decline

Now, many people believe only a few major things made TNA decline. Most people just put it off on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishoff is coming into the company, but there is more to that, much more to that. That's why I am here, to give you the run down to what all went wrong … Continue reading TNA: The Sharp Decline