Disorganization Among Colts Proves Kaepernick is Needed

This past weekend, the Indianapolis Colts became one of the early laughing stocks of the NFL, as they suffered a 46-9 loss to the Los Angeles Rams in blowout fashion. The franchise was obviously without their franchise quarterback, Andrew Luck, and with the veteran rumored to be sidelined until October, Indianapolis has momentarily put their … Continue reading Disorganization Among Colts Proves Kaepernick is Needed

Most Likely Active NFL HOF Candidates

With the Hall of Fame class of 2017 already presented, there aren't a whole lot of fans that are currently appreciating the unique talent before them. While veteran athletes have gone out and have overachieved on a weekly basis, some may earn the right to be considered for a golden jacket. Who will be considered … Continue reading Most Likely Active NFL HOF Candidates

Would You Sign Colin Kaeperick as a Backup?

It's been established that in order to have franchise success in the NFL, you will likely wind up leaning on the quarterback position as the centerpiece. As the regular season takes its course, multiple franchises have been forced to rely on their backup quarterback to step up and keep the offense afloat for as long … Continue reading Would You Sign Colin Kaeperick as a Backup?

Which Quarterbacks Deserve New Contracts?

As everyone knows, the centerpiece to any NFL franchise is the quarterback position. The man under center is ultimately granted most of the credit when it comes to the success of an organization, but are also blamed for their shortcomings as well. Plenty of quarterbacks have shined in recent years, as some currently have the … Continue reading Which Quarterbacks Deserve New Contracts?

The 5 Worst Quarterbacks to Win a Super Bowl

The NFL offseason is well underway, but that never means that the controversial debates quite end. Over the years, some of the most elite quarterbacks have stepped forward and secured themselves a Super Bowl ring, solidifying their legacy among the past NFL greats.  On the contrary, how about the quarterbacks that we have forgotten over … Continue reading The 5 Worst Quarterbacks to Win a Super Bowl

QB Profile : Chad Kelly

Selected with the very last pick in the 2017 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos, 23-year old quarterback Chad Kelly out of Ole Miss was brought into the NFL. The nephew of all-time NFL great Jim Kelly, Chad was a highly watched scout both on and off the field, as he had a tendency of … Continue reading QB Profile : Chad Kelly

QB Profile : Brad Kaaya

Former Miami Hurricane quarterback and the Detroit Lions sixth round draft pick Brad Kaaya surprisingly fell to the franchise late in the 2017 NFL Draft. The prospect was fairly decent in college, tossing for 9,968 yards, 69 TDs and 24 INTs during his time with "The U". ┬áIf you had asked people in the early … Continue reading QB Profile : Brad Kaaya