Is This the Best Patriots Roster Since 2007?

The New England Patriots have had a pretty successful offseason in early 2017, retooling for yet another Super Bowl run, after defeating the Atlanta Falcons in an incredible 25-point comeback. The front office re-signed some key players, as well as gain a few stars and low-key budget players along the way. All in all, can … Continue reading Is This the Best Patriots Roster Since 2007?

Brady Vs Montana; Who’s The GOAT Now? 

After undoubtedly the greatest Super Bowl comeback in NFL history, Tom Brady secured his fifth NFL Championship trophy, making him the only QB in NFL history with 5 Super Bowl victories.  With that, is it time to hand Brady the crown? Abolsutely. Here's why:  Teams going into the fourth with a 19+ point lead in … Continue reading Brady Vs Montana; Who’s The GOAT Now? 

Patriots 53 man roster

As many people know the Patriots have one of if not the best team in the league with loads and loads of depth but the problem is that you can't keep all of the depth so today I will be projecting players that will make the team and players that will not. Offense Quarterbacks Tom … Continue reading Patriots 53 man roster

Patriots : Biggest Resigning Needs

Coming into this season, the Patriots have some huge names on contract that may need some big money to return. Linebackers Dont'a Hightower and Jamie Collins are among those who will need some money in order to come back to the New England Patriots. Super Bowl XLIX hero Malcom Butler is on a contract year … Continue reading Patriots : Biggest Resigning Needs

Off-Season Report: AFC East

Buffalo Bills: Blake Annen is apparently making some noise at the team’s minicamp, as reported by Andrew Kuczkowski on the Bill’s official website. At 6’4” and 247 pounds, Annen has the size and speed to be a gifted player at the TE position.  Tight Ends coach, Tony Sparano said "You tell Blake something one time, … Continue reading Off-Season Report: AFC East

What Will Super Bowl 50 Tell Us About NFL’s Future?

Each year, hardcore football fans and casual football fans gather around for the Super Bowl, making it one of the biggest events of each and every single year. This year though, the Super Bowl carries what could be a foreshadowing of the future. This year, the Super Bowl could be the final nail in the … Continue reading What Will Super Bowl 50 Tell Us About NFL’s Future?

Divisional Playoffs, Who Will Shine?

It's hard to believe we have already reached the second round of the playoffs in the NFL already. It seems like just yesterday we were pondering over how the Pats would manage without Tom Brady for a few games, or how the Panthers and Packers were possibly going to struggle without their best receivers. Here … Continue reading Divisional Playoffs, Who Will Shine?