News and Notes NFC North

Here we are. The middle of the offseason and a lot of the big free agency moves have been made, but right now, we’re sitting at the calm before the storm known as the NFL Draft.  In these news and notes columns, I'll hit each franchise from the NFC North and give some insight their possible … Continue reading News and Notes NFC North

Divisional Playoffs, Who Will Shine?

It's hard to believe we have already reached the second round of the playoffs in the NFL already. It seems like just yesterday we were pondering over how the Pats would manage without Tom Brady for a few games, or how the Panthers and Packers were possibly going to struggle without their best receivers. Here … Continue reading Divisional Playoffs, Who Will Shine?

Will Green Bay Get Vengeance?

   The Russell Wilson-lead Seahawks are 3-0 against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. All 3 of those games were played in Seattle, and everyone knows what happens to visiting teams against the Seahawks.  These three games consisted of 2 very memorable games. Week 3 in 2012 was the infamous "Fail Mary", and the 2014 NFC … Continue reading Will Green Bay Get Vengeance?

Jordy Goes Down, Packers Still Heavy Favorite in NFC North

   During the second week of preseason, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson made an awkward move during a play which is being diagnosed as a torn ACL.  With the injury occurring, head coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Aaron Rodgers both emphasized how important Nelson was to the program. Does this mean that Packers … Continue reading Jordy Goes Down, Packers Still Heavy Favorite in NFC North